What Women Need to Know about Breast Surgery Procedures

Breast surgery is one of the most popular medical procedures nowadays. Many women are becoming curious as to how this procedure can improve not only their body figure, but their outlook in life as well. If you want to add definition to your breasts, you might want to look into getting a plastic surgery in Brisbane.

Reasons why women consider breast surgery may differ, but the most common grounds are as follows:

Breast Enlargement. A surgery done to enhance breast size and shape. Women who contemplate on this procedure are those who are unsatisfied or unhappy with the size of their breasts. Therefore, the surgery aims to boost self-confidence and self-worth of women. Although it is one of the most commonly performed procedures these days, it is still important to consult with the most highly experienced cosmetic surgeons to prevent serious complications. It is also referred as “boob job”.
Breast Reduction. A type of cosmetic breast surgery preferred by women with overly large breasts. Out of proportion breast size can cause certain level of discomforts such as back and neck pain. In order to alleviate symptoms of overly large breasts, having a breast reduction procedure in Brisbane can help a lot. The procedure can be considered to help those women regain their confidence back and to make them feel better about their body figure. It can also help relieve anxiety caused by the condition. Proper evaluation by expert surgeons should be done prior to surgery to ensure that it is the best choice for the patient. They are also encouraged to ask each and every question in their mind to lessen their apprehension regarding the procedure.
Breast Uplift. Various circumstances such as extreme weight loss, childbirth (breastfeeding) and aging can cause changes on women’s breasts. The breast may appear to be sagging or it can lose its natural fullness. The best way to solve this problem is to undergo breast uplift which is one of the breast surgery procedures available in Brisbane. It is done to restore normal breast size and fullness to boost self-confidence of affected women. The surgery can be performed in combination with breast implants to achieve a more natural looking breast. It also known as mastopexy.


Cosmetic breast surgery, just like any other forms of surgery may pose certain risks to patients which can include:

Struggle to breastfeed properly and effectively
Loss of sensation in the nipples and its surrounding area
Small scars may become visible which can also be thickened and raised
Asymmetrical position of nipples
Irregular size and shape of both breasts
Rupture or leakage of breast implants
Unsatisfactory result that may require another surgery

Ways to Place Breast Implants

Breast implants as one of the procedures in breast surgery Brisbane can be placed through several means such as:

Incision on the underside of the breast. The most common technique wherein the surgeon cuts on the underside of the breast following the natural skin fold. The breast implant is then inserted into the opening. It may leave a scar that can be more visible with thinner and younger patients.
Incision under the arm. An incision under the arm is made and a special tool with a camera at the end (endoscope) is inserted into the cut. The implant is then placed through the incision. Although no apparent scars can be found around the breast area, visible scars can be present on the underside of the arm. If you are concern about pain and other complications of the procedure, ask your plastic surgeons Brisbane to alleviate your anxiety and worries.
The surgeon will make a cut around the edge of the areola – the darkened area around the nipple. The implant is then placed through the incision.
A saline implant will be placed through a cut near the belly button. An endoscope will be used as a guide to move the implant up to the breast area. Once secured, it is now filled with saline to give shape to the breasts.

They may be placed either behind the breast tissue or behind the outer layer of the muscles of the chest wall. The type of breast implants and surgery at breast implants Brisbane can affect:

Future mammograms
The breast appearance
The pain after the procedure
The risk of the implant rupture or leaking

Most patients are likely to have a very good outcome from the breast procedure and feel better about their appearance. A special supportive bra is needed to be worn for a few months in order to reshape the breasts. Scars are permanent and will be more visible a year after the surgery. After this, it will slowly fade and lighten. Your plastic surgeon Brisbane will try to place the incisions in areas where it is hidden.

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