Cosmetic surgery as one of the solutions in correcting functional deformities and enhancing the physical appearance of persons is not only about the physical benefits it can provide. We focus on delivering holistic approach to cosmetic surgery while ensuring that our patients have positive outlook in life and realistic expectations regarding the procedure. Our professional team consists of skilled cosmetic surgeons and registered nurses who are dedicated in providing the best care to our clients without compromising on safety, quality or cost. We have successfully performed thousands of cosmetic treatments in our accredited clinic and we continue to adopt the state-of-the-art techniques and equipment in all of our procedures.

Our Mission

If health would be the focus, we would never do anything that can harm or compromise it in order to save money. Doing such can put our life on the line. But unfortunately, this practice still lures in other untrusted clinics and leads to complications, unwanted outcomes and possibility of another surgery to revise the previous one.
Our team has taken steps to prevent such things to happen. We do not tolerate such actions and makes sure that our clients get what they pay for. Engaging into cheap surgery procedures can only cost you to pay more if anything hazardous to your health happen. By providing our client with services with reasonable prices, we give our patients the opportunity to experience a high quality procedure with minimum complications and most of all, safe and guaranteed.
To ensure that our patients feel comfortable and convenient in their chosen cosmetic surgery, we have created reasonable cosmetic surgery packages that are of the same price to those overseas, the only difference is that all the procedures are performed by top-tier surgeons who are individually hand-picked based on their qualifications, skills and experience. Also, the procedure is done at a fully accredited healthcare facility. By making our cosmetic surgery procedures financially accessible to all levels of clientele, we hope to eliminate the further need for patients to risk their bodies by going out of the country.

We offer a comprehensive range of cosmetic treatments to address different issues that concern you the most. We have taken actions to modify our healthcare services in order to give the best possible treatment, lessen the recovery time and provide long-lasting results!

Our Surgeons

Dr Mark Kohout (Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon)

Dr. Kohout is a brilliant plastic surgeon with a long experience in the said field. He has different trainings from all over the globe. In 1996, he earned fellowships from two surgical colleges which also included the Fellow of Royal […]

Lubna Musaviv (Business Development Manager)

Lubna is one of the key members of Australia Cosmetic Clinics who oversees the progression and forward propulsion of the organisation as a business entity. She has extensive experience in the healthcare sector and specialises in the field of cosmetic […]

Anke Wachter (Surgical Services Manager)

Anke Wachter is the Surgical Services Manager of Australian Cosmetic Clinics. With over 20 years of experience in customer service and various management roles – ten of which being in the cosmetic industry – her goal is to make each […]

Victoria Ford (Cosmetic Nurse Practitioner)

Victoria Ford has been a registered nurse for 32 years and she commenced her work in the cosmetic industry over 12 years ago with a keen interest in assisting her clients to look their very best. She specialises in all […]

Lauren Harvey (Theatre Nurse)

Lauren has always held a passion for nursing, healthcare and enjoys working in theatres in the cosmetic field. You’ll always find her smiling and taking extra care of our patients.

Victoria Read (Receptionist)

Victoria Read works as our receptionist at the Bondi Junction Clinic and ensures all clients experience a pleasant, caring and professional environment.

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